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Vision statement 

The Rural Urban Learning Association (RULA) is a Canadian charitable organization. Our passion is to nurture humanity's natural connection with the Earth. Our objective is to inspire and implement equitable and prosperous sustainable agricultural practices. Our urgent hope, while preserving our connection with our deep rural Canadian roots, is to bring rural, urban and suburban communities together as we grow towards a new collaborative vision for local food security and climate solutions.



RULA promotes and conducts educational initiatives that are formal (accredited), informal, experiential, on-line and in-person. Our aim is to focus on the needs of urban and rural communities and engage with others to inspire solutions for climate change that are rooted in permaculture, regenerative agriculture and ecological sustainability, resulting in healthier individuals and communities. We will preserve a strong connection to our organization’s rural roots, as we undertake new collaborative and responsive initiatives.



  1. Improve the quality of rural and urban life through community and environmentally responsible activities.

  2. Create learning opportunities by helping people rediscover the nature of community life, to identify local needs, and to find effective means of actions to meet those needs.

  3. Foster the organization of forums and seminars for the study and advocacy of policies designed to strengthen the self-determining and self-managing capacities of communities.

  4. Connect individuals, groups and organizations so that they can focus on social and environmental issues through research, discussion and action.


Principles of rUla

  • ​Community Engagement

  • Collaboration

  • Sustainability and Permaculture 

  • Education & Literacy 

  • Indigenous Reconciliation 

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